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FOX Business
Oct 7, 2012 1:00am EDT
is the romney plan, and focus on the taxes issues. >> and the left sort of missed the idea that if you drop the marginal rate, the point down to 20% essentially what romney is talking about, then people who make income, actually, their taxes go down in only one way, if they make more income, and that's the incentivizization to make more income because you're not giving back 35% to the government. when we lower marginal tax rates, we get more from the people output in the society. >> jonas, you believe we need tax increases in the long run, in the short run, what is going to get jobs. >> and there's nothing you can do to the tax code that isn't going to hurt the job market. >> lower the marginal rates. >> you say romney wants to lower the raets and remove the deduction, let's say he removes the mortgage deduction, home builder, you're going to hire more people, and if they remove it, hire more people, probably not. you're going to bring net knew revenue to the government. not going cut enough you're going to hurt the job market. now, specifically, if you hit the high end, like they want to d
FOX Business
Oct 28, 2012 1:00am EDT
overall plan. and more on the pamphlet later. and is governor romney's call right or wrong? i'm brenda buttner, it's bulls and bears. we've got gary b smith. tobin smith. jonas max ferris along with tim la camp and steve murphy, welme, everybody. okay. the folks at forbes will tackle the pamphlet plan in one hour, fair and balanced. what about the plan to overhaul the tax code. what is it going to mean for jobs. >> i think it's going to be great for jobs. ovrhauling the taxes is the thing that the governor and hopefully president romney can do. and incents, if that's a word, every individual and corporation out there. provides a path of what they're going to do, what they're ing to pay and if it's simplified and overhauled, it will get rid of hopefully a lot of the special interests, whic takes the government out of the intervention and provides a clear playing field for everyone. this could turn around our economy, if done soon and done right. >> brenda: jonas, we don't know exactly what kind of overhaul we would get and isn't that adding uncertainty? wouldn't that keep people from hi
FOX News
Oct 20, 2012 7:00am PDT
and corporate level, almost the highest unemployment rate. tax rates are not the panacea, the governor romney and a lot of republicans pretend they are, but i think the business climate is an important issue and takes into account things like investment, in infrastructure, skilled labor force, as well as regularly burdens. >> toby? >> well, susan, iowa has a lot of farmland and they are doing okay. you can be geographically correct but let's talk about regulatory. because both in iowa, colorado, for instance, i know many companies that have left california for colorado, specifically because their cost of doing business was more than 20% lower and they voted with their feet. i think the regulatory one is the sleeper one. we have added something like 32,000, pages of additional regulations at the federal level, at the state level, colorado got rid of a thousand, i think that is the right direction. >> gentlemen, should the governors get the credit for what is going right in some of these states? a lot of this is coming from the federal government. handouts. >> they shouldn't get the credit, goo
FOX News
Oct 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
. under the assumption that if romney is elected president, they take over the senate. that is a swing for the fences. you know, it might or might not happen. you might be able to leverage a better deal if you get election result like that. but why are we at this point when the markets, up to now, have been sensing that surely they won't take this to the brink, and are beginning to fear, gosh these guys just might. >> guest: markets hate uncertainty. that's what we have right now. uncernty. it's affecting consumer spending and all areas of the economy. businesses are paralyzed with fear over what is going to happen to their tax burden. it is going to cost more than 2 million jobs in this economy. the imf last week, most economists said gdp growth will slow in the area of 1-2%. imf came out and said it could be colossal close to 4% drop in the gdp. there are monumental consequences to not addressing it. yet, we're siting on the collective butts and waiting until 11th hour to address this problem. it's got very, very bad implications. >> neil: what is remarkable if you talk about executi
FOX Business
Oct 21, 2012 8:00am EDT
jobs, romney i -- probly 10 million jobs from energy policy done right. >> our own neil cavuto heading to one of those swing states on monday for the final presidential debate in bida, be there, at 4:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news, neil will be joined by senator johmccain, florida governor rick scott, former clintopress secretary me mccurry and many,any others. then on fox business, full debate coverage from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. your election, your country, your money. your future. all on the line and no one covers it like neil. before that, neil is going to tell you what this guy is saying, just proved our national debt is now officially a national secity risk. at the bottom of the hour. up next here, who says you can't go home? one in three homeowners expecting not just their adult kids but their parents to move back in with them. sounds like a bad sign for the economy. why is someone he saying it is good for the economy? with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it!
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)